The benefits of electric blinds

If you want to upgrade your window coverings so that they truly are top of the range, electric/motorised blinds are the option to go for. With so many fittings and appliances getting modern, technological enhancements, it’s only right that blinds should get this treatment also! In this article, we will be looking at some of the numerous benefits of choosing electric blinds for your windows.


Electric blinds offer ultimate convenience for the user. All your blinds can be operated with just the tap of a button – some can even be connected and controlled via your smart devices! Whilst this provides added convenience for average windows, when installed on large, hard to reach or numerous windows, this feature becomes invaluable. For example, motorising all the blinds in a conservatory will save you time and effort everyday.

You may think electric blinds are a bit superfluous, chosen only by young tech enthusiasts. However, electric blinds provide benefits for everyone and are increasingly appreciated by older, elderly clients who enjoy their ease of use, convenience and the reduction of physical exertion.

Allure Scarlet Mirage Bathroom with remote


Safety campaigners have identified that traditional blinds with looped cords pose quite the safety risk to children and pets. Numerous tragic cases of strangulation have in fact lead to health and safety legislation being introduced for corded blinds. Electric blinds have no such tangling mechanisms, making them an incredibly safe option for window coverings and ideal for those who want to ensure protection for young ones and pets.


Motorised blinds give you further opportunity to make your home look lived in when you are away. This can be a key step to deterring burglars from identifying your house as an easy target. Many electric blind systems have the option for timed operation, meaning they can be set to open and close at specific times of the day. This can be a noticeable way to make it look as though someone is home, and a useful addition to your home security arsenal.

Temperature control

Although it initially seems counter-intuitive, closing your blinds on a sunny day can prevent your home from getting so hot. The glass in windows can make your home susceptible to the greenhouse effect but, by closing your blinds, you create a barrier against direct sunlight and the magnified heat. By putting your electric blinds on a timer which shuts them around the hottest part of the day – or the hours you know that window gets most sun – you can help keep your house cooler even when you’re not there.

Protection for furnishings

Another benefit of having the ability to set your blinds to close electronically during the sunniest parts of the day is the protection this provides to your furnishings. As nice as it is to have the sun streaming in, prolonged sun exposure can be damaging to your furnishings and belongings. Setting your blinds to close during the hours of harshest sun – especially on the days you are out at work and not there to enjoy the sun anyway – can really extend the life of your furnishings, keeping them from getting sun-bleached for a lot longer.


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