Denton Blinds - Bay Window Blinds

Which Blinds are Best for Bay Windows?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes but bay windows may be the most unique. Bay windows protrude outwards, providing not only extra space within the room but...

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flowered roman blinds

How to Fix Common Problems with Roman Blinds

Having been around for two thousand years, the Roman blind has remained impressively loyal to its original design. However, the hanging fabric, once used...

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colosseum-roman blinds

“What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” – A History of Roman Blinds

As the classic Monty Python line goes: “What have the Romans ever done for us?” Now, the film might mention the sanitation, roads, medication and wine,...

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What are the best blinds to block out light?

  If your relationship to light in the morning can only be described as ‘vampiric’, worry not. A peaceful night’s sleep can be achieved with...

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Preventing prying eyes: the best blinds for privacy

Big, beautiful windows that let in a lot of daylight are a desirable feature in any home. However, when they face a busy street, a neighbour, or when it comes...

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How to Fix Broken Blinds

Updated March 2019 Broken blinds can be an annoyance, especially when they leave your window looking shabby and aren’t fulfilling their purpose. Wear and...

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bathroom blinds

5 Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Blinds

Choosing blinds for your bathroom can be a minefield, with the humid conditions seemingly limiting your material choices drastically. However, if you have...

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Keeping Your Windows Well Insulated This Winter

In the colder months, we’re always looking for ways to keep our homes warm without it resulting in a costly gas bill; there are many low-tech ways to help...

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What are the Best Blinds for a Small Room

Decorating a small room can be a difficult task as you want the room to look attractive, without imposing on the space. Choosing the right blind can instantly...

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Choosing the perfect blinds for period properties

Period properties have a very specific look which, unlike modern properties, is a task to be adhered to carefully rather than simply a blank canvas. With this...

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