Should I choose blinds, curtains or both?

When deciding between blinds or curtains at your property, there are various factors to take into account. Both solutions have a number of pros and cons depending on the window type, the room and your property’s overall style and design, not to mention your requirements when it comes to the insulating and light-blocking qualities you require.


  • Blinds are very effective at controlling exactly how much light you want to allow into your rooms at different points of the day and, indeed, at different times throughout the year.
  • There are various types of blind available on the market such as venetian, roller and vertical blinds, all of which can offer different levels of light-blocking.
  • On the whole, blinds are much easier to clean, particularly those which have wooden or plastic slats which simply need a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and have them looking spick-and-span at all times. In this respect, blinds are particularly practical for room such as bathrooms and kitchens where curtains would simply be impractical.
  • There are not only many styles and types of blind to choose from, but also a variety of fabrics, woods, plastics and even metals, so you are guaranteed to find a blind that will fit perfectly into your existing decor. As well as this, options such as wooden blinds or thick fabric blinds provide excellent insulation to any room.
  • One drawback to blinds is that they may not be as in keeping with very traditional decors in period properties.



  • Curtains, like blinds, have a choice of fabrics which can be decided between in order to create the perfect look and feel at your home.
  • In terms of light-blocking and insulating properties, darker, thicker fabrics can be selected for those rooms which you want to be kept dark and warm, or lighter and brighter fabrics for those rooms which benefit from the light.
  • Though more appropriate for period, traditional properties, curtains can look a little dated and heavy in other properties, where blinds look modern and clean, lifting any space.

Combination of curtains and blinds

The combination of curtains and blinds has become increasingly popular, offering a solution that is attractive yet practical. The blinds serve to block out the light to varying degrees as required, as well as allowing you and your home a good level of privacy, with an attractive pair of curtains framing the blinds which can be fully closed for total darkness and high levels of insulation.

Here at Denton Blinds, we are proud to provide an exceptional range of attractive and practical blinds for a host of environments and applications. Whatever your style and the style of your property, we guarantee to find the right solution for you, so get in touch with our friendly team today and let us provide you with the right blinds for you.