Choosing the perfect blinds for period properties

Period properties have a very specific look which, unlike modern properties, is a task to be adhered to carefully rather than simply a blank canvas. With this in mind, selecting the right blinds for your period property can make a huge difference to its overall look and feel, with various conventions to be aware of and comply with to ensure your decor is in keeping with your property’s original features and ‘roots’. Here, we provide some of the choices you could opt for in your property:

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a smart choice for a variety of period properties, working beautifully in those large, bay windows your property is so lucky to have. Adding serious style to a number of spaces, whilst maintaining full functionality and practical elements, roman blinds can be chosen in a variety of colours and fabric types depending on your individual taste and property’s existing decor. For period properties, opt for darker colours, with traditional patterning and thick, sumptuous fabrics. Thick fabrics will provide effective insulation to the rooms in which they are placed; an aspect that is particularly valuable to period properties which may suffer with less-than-perfect insulation on account of the age of their windows.

roman blinds

Classic shutters

Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing choice of blinds for period properties, classic shutters look the part in a variety of older builds. Whether Edwardian, Victorian or even Georgian, classic shutters work well, blending seamlessly into a variety of more traditional decors. Providing good insulation to your property, you will be able to keep your rooms warm in winter yet well-ventilated in those hot summer months.

period property shutters

Wooden venetian

Wooden venetian blinds are another smart choice for period properties. With a variety of different woods to choose from, you can find a solution that will work perfectly in a variety of different period decors. Providing ventilation and insulation both, depending on the time of year, wooden venetian blinds have slats which can be adjusted accordingly to suit not only the temperature, but also to control the flow of light into your rooms; something which, for period properties that may have antique features, is invaluable.


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