What are the differences between curtains and blinds?

If you are looking to update your window coverings, you will be faced with the question: curtains or blinds? Now whilst everyone knows the physical difference between a blind and a curtain, not everyone realises what the functional differences are. Both types of window covering have their own qualities and advantages, and this month we’ll be looking at what separates the two types to help you decide which covering is best for you.


Light control

A major point for consideration when choosing window coverings is the light control you wish to achieve. The right window coverings can help you regulate the amount of light that flows into a room, meaning they aren’t only useful at night. If you want to reduce harsh glare without blocking out light completely or you want to create soft, diffused light in a room, blinds can help.

Whereas curtains can really only offer the options of open or closed, blinds give you more incremental control over light flow. With Venetians and vertical blinds, you can rotate the slats to control exactly how much light you want entering your room. Alternatively, choosing a blind or curtain which is made from a sheer fabric can offer daytime privacy whilst also allowing soft daylight in.


Generally, blinds are easier to maintain than curtains. The smooth, flat surface of a blind means that dust doesn’t settle so easily and when the time comes to give your window coverings a clean, the process is much quicker and easier. With blinds, solid materials such as metal and plastic are also common which are far easier to wipe down than fabrics; this is ideal for easy maintenance in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Blinds are a more versatile window covering when it comes to their suitability across the home. If you are carrying out major refurbishments and want to have cohesive, coordinated window coverings across several, or even all of your rooms, then blinds are the better option. Curtains can just become impractical in some situations, due to their loose style or absorbent, harder to clean fabric. For a range of rooms – such as bathrooms, kitchens or conservatories – blinds are the superior option.

Design options

Aesthetics will of course play a large part in your decision. The style of your home or specific room will influence which type of window covering looks best. These days, both curtains and blinds come in a vast array of materials and styles, meaning there’s likely something to suit any home whether you choose a blind or curtain. Nevertheless, curtains are often found alongside classic decor and period properties, and modern, stylish design schemes work well with blinds.


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