Home Style Ideas for 2016


The new year is a great time to rejuvenate your decor and give your home a fresh start. 2016 promises to be an exciting year for interior design, and Denton Blinds have put together our favourite upcoming interior trends to give you ideas on how to incorporate the latest styles into your home this year.

home style 2016 wooden blinds

The outdoors

This year, we’re looking to bring as much nature as we can indoors, with natural materials such as clay, glass, concrete and woods being popular, and materials that are harmful to the environment being replaced with recycled and environmentally friendly alternatives. A wooden blind is the perfect addition to this interior design trend, with the natural material and earthy colour perfectly accentuating the theme.




Soft pop

Very soft, pearlescent pinks will prevail this year, becoming a popular choice for the replacement of whites and beiges as a neutral background. To emphasise the soft pop theme, you can incorporate sharper bubblegum-pink shades or other bright hues for a really kitsch feel. Pop art and geometric patterns also are popular stylistic features to incorporate into this trend, and we’d recommend a patterned roller blind to incorporate the feature into your room.

Deep sea

If the vibrancy of soft pop isn’t your style, you might be more drawn to the deep sea trend, which sees rich, deep blue and green hues combined with tactile surfaces and textured materials to invoke images of the ocean. Ombre designs work well in this decor style as it can represent fading skies and deep seas meeting at the shoreline, and bright whites are an excellent colour to add a breath of freshness into the decor. A white pleated blind would be the perfect accompaniment to this decor, and a great source of light and brightness to stop the dark decor becoming too overpowering.

white pleated blinds

Modern revival

Metals and metallic colours are another increasingly popular trend we can expect to see in 2016, with the crisp colours introducing modernist elements into our home. This trend can be a bit too space-age for some, but a metallic or aluminium Venetian blind is a great way to try out the trend without fully committing to the decor.

home style 2016 metal blinds

Metallic elements can be combined with the upcoming trends for baroque, lace and velvet textures from mid-century and Victorian periods to combine the old with the new and revitalise the interior trends from past eras. Another blind that would work perfectly for this trend would be a Roman blind, as the soft drapery and detailed patterns are reminiscent of more traditional eras.

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