How to create the perfect workspace

When creating the perfect workspace, there are various factors to consider. Creating a great workspace is so much more than simply picking a smart-looking set of desks and chairs and hanging a few pictures around the place; in fact, designing a workplace draws on various aspects of design, ensuring that the end result is not only attractive but conducive to high levels of productivity by your workforce. Here are some ideas to consider when designing a winning workspace:

The right blinds
One aspect of your workplace that is vital in how well your workforce can work is how light the office is. If you are lucky enough to have large windows letting a lot of natural light in, you may also be unfortunate enough to receive a bit too much sun at certain times throughout the day, creating glare on the computer screens around your office. If this is the case, it is well worth considering investing in some quality sets of blinds for your workspace.

For workplaces, venetian or vertical blinds tend to be the most appropriate thanks to their design allowing for them to be adjusted accordingly with the changing and moving sun throughout the day. Easy to operate, attractive and affordable, these are solutions that many employers opt for within their workspaces.

office blinds

Furniture positioning
Research has proven that where furniture is positioned in a space can make a drastic difference to how productive you can be when working. Positioning workers nearby to or on the same workspace as their colleagues leads to a more sociable, happy and thus productive workplace. As well as this, it can be extremely effective if different hierarchical workforce members are seated amongst other groups of workers, to encourage interaction between different workers and create a more fluid and efficient operation within your workforce.

Go green
Any office worker would be thrilled to be able to spend a little more time outside, particularly in the warmer summer months. Whilst this is not always a possibility, workplaces can ‘bring the outdoors in’ and place plants around the office to create a greener, less clinical-looking workplace and lift workers’ moods – as well as the oxygen within your office!

Here at Denton Blinds, we recognise the importance of creating the right ambience within your office, which is why we provide a wide range of affordable, attractive blinds suited to all manner of workplaces. For more information, or to arrange for the installation of a set of our blinds at your workplace, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today and let us provide you with the perfect blinds for your office at a price you can afford.