What are the Ideal Blinds for French Doors?

blinds for french doors

French doors or patio doors can be a drain on the insulation of your home. They can also let glare into your room and reduce your privacy. Adding a blind to your doors is a great way to maintain in control of your home’s temperature and conditions, but choosing the right blind can be difficult. You need to select a blind that will function well and look great without interfering with how the door opens. To help you make the right choice for your door, we have a rundown of the different options that work well for French doors and patios.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for French doors as they add a soft, traditional look that pairs perfectly with the door style. These blinds operate very easily, simply requiring the slats to be altered or the blind closed to offer varying degrees of shading or privacy.

 Vertical blinds are made from a soft, light fabric, which means that even for the long drop of conservatory doors, the slats won’t be too heavy. Vertical blinds have customisable controls too, which means that the wand for operating the blinds can be placed on the opposite side to the door used most frequently, allowing for the blinds to be part retracted to allow entrance very conveniently.


Wooden blinds

Wooden blind offer a different installation process to vertical blinds in that they are fitted to the door rather than to the recess or frame of the door. This can be ideal in smaller rooms as it saves on space. Individual wooden blinds can be attached to each door, so both doors can be operated separately or together without the blinds being in the way.

This blind choice would mean that only the glass part of the French doors would be covered, with the door frames still being visible. This maintains privacy and shading, when needed, but this aesthetic comes down to personal preference, with some people preferring a blind that covers up the entirety of the door structure.

Perfect fit blinds

For the ultimate fit and smooth, clean lines, a perfect fit blind is the best option. These innovative blinds require no window installation, the entire section is clipped into the window frame itself. Not only does this ensure a perfect fitting that looks fantastic and offers high levels of insulation, but it creates a clutter free appearance that is perfect for doors.

The installation process of this blind also means that you can operate your doors without fear of damaging the blind or with the blind being in the way, making it the most convenient option.

Denton blinds offer a range of beautiful perfect fit blinds in a range of styles including Venetian, roller and pleated.

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