How to Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

Conservatories were first designed as a means by which rich landowners of the 16th century could grow their own citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, and as such they shared more similarities with a traditional greenhouse than an extra room of a house. Though the quality of materials we use in conservatories these days may have improved since these humble beginnings, one thing that has remained consistent since then has been the greenhouse effect of conservatories.

Keeping your conservatory cool in the hot summer months can be difficult because of their inherent nature to retain as much heat as possible, but in this month’s article we’ll be showing you how you can reduce the temperature and keep it at more comfortable levels.



One of the best ways to keep your conservatory cool when the scorching sun begins beating down on your glass palace is to reduce how much sun is getting into it in the first place. Blinds are the perfect way to block out the sun’s rays, helping to maintain cooler temperatures in your conservatory.

But blinds aren’t just suitable as a means of temperature control, they are also an excellent way to ensure privacy and to decorate your conservatory. There are many elaborate designs, from roller to venetian, that you can utilise for use in your conservatory. Be sure to talk to your local blind supplier to see what would be best in your home!

Open the Windows, Especially in the Evenings

Opening the windows is a quick and easy way to adjust the temperature of your conservatory, but only if the air in your conservatory is hotter than that outside – heat shifts to cooler areas and does so until the temperature stabilises. However, just as this may mean that the hot air trapped in your conservatory may be displaced outside, if the air in your conservatory is cooler than that outside it is possible that your conservatory will heat up with the windows open. To be in the right, consider installing a thermometer in your conservatory.

Leaving your windows on vent in the evenings and then shutting them in the morning is a good way of filling your conservatory with cooler air in preparation for the hot day following.

Install Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is another great way you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory. Though an expensive option compared to others on this list, installing an air conditioning unit in your conservatory can serve to quickly, conveniently and efficiently cool the room down, making it more comfortable to relax in.

Window Films

Cooling films are attached to the glass itself and serve to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your conservatory in the same way that a pair of sunglasses reduces the glare of the sun for your eyes. Window films work by reflecting approximately 80% of the sun’s heat away from the room, stopping it from becoming too hot in the first place and guaranteeing a cooler conservatory all round. It also blocks harmful UV rays, meaning you can relax in your conservatory safe in the knowledge that your skin is protected on the one hand, and the furniture is protected from fading on the other.

To discuss how blinds can help to reduce the temperature of your conservatory, contact Denton Blinds today. We offer a comprehensive service of designing, supplying and fitting quality blinds and canopies throughout the Burton Upon Trent area. Whether your needs are domestic or commercial, our experienced team will be sure to help you find the perfect design for you.