Keeping Your Windows Well Insulated This Winter

In the colder months, we’re always looking for ways to keep our homes warm without it resulting in a costly gas bill; there are many low-tech ways to help keep the heat in your home, including insulating wall cavities and attics, preventing draughts and sealing any gaps to the outside. However, many people neglect to properly insulate the windows and are therefore losing heat from their homes unnecessarily. Keeping your windows well insulated this winter can help to keep your home warm and your energy bills low – read on to find out how.

Insulating Window Treatments

Having double glazing is a great way to help keep the heat in your home, however, if you’re looking for a more affordable insulating option, or even just want to have a second barrier against the cold, installing an effective window treatment is a great way to keep your home warm. Blinds can create a greenhouse effect in your home, allowing the winter sun to enter your home before trapping the heat inside the room. When you turn your central heating on, blinds reflect the heat back into the room rather than allowing the heat to leave through the window. Blinds are also an effective way to prevent draughts from entering your room and creating a chill.

The Best Blinds Designs

Different styles of blinds have varying levels of thermal retention. Opt for a blind that is made of thick material to completely block the cold out, or layers of material to trap the cold air inside. The best blinds for insulation are:

Whilst all blinds offer some form of insulation, roller blinds and vertical blinds are not the best insulators and don’t save the buyer a significant amount of money, so they are best avoided for this purpose.

pleated blinds for winter


The Best Materials

Some materials have more insulating properties than others – opt for a wooden blind for optimal thermal retention. It is best to avoid thin materials and aluminium, which aren’t very good insulators.

Insulate Your Conservatory

When using window treatments to insulate your home, don’t neglect your conservatory. Your conservatory is made almost entirely out of glass, so can be a huge source of heat loss. Opt for specialised conservatory blinds, made to perfectly fit your sectional conservatory panels and the roof of the room. This will make a huge difference to the temperature of your conservatory, which in turn can act as a thermal buffer to the rest of your home.


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