My house is quite dark, how can I lighten it up?

Having rooms in your house which always seem to be somewhat gloomy can be something you don’t notice until after you’ve moved in. Whilst light and bright rooms are highly sought after due to the welcoming atmosphere they create, not all rooms are naturally so. Whether the problem is that the room in question has small windows, dark decor or is north facing, you need not settle for darkness. Let’s take a look at some top tricks for lightening up your rooms.

Light colourscream flower roman blinds

One of the most tried and tested ways to brighten a room is to use a light colour scheme. By painting your walls and ceiling white, you will ensure that the light that does come in is reflected, subsequently spreading around the room and lightening the space. Stay away from large amounts of dark colour as this will absorb light and make your room feel even darker, and likely smaller too.


The tactical use of mirrors is another handy way to brighten your room and make it look bigger. By placing a mirror opposite a window, the light coming in will be reflected and disperse across the room almost as if you had another light source. Choose a large mirror for maximum impact and to make a design statement.

Get rid of heavy curtains

Even with ties, curtains can unnecessarily cover window space, blocking and absorbing  precious light. When light isn’t plentiful you will want to utilise the entirety of your window and blinds are a great way to achieve this. By choosing blinds which retract compactly or are fitted outside the recess, you will maximise the amount of light admittance to your room.

Artificial lighting

Although natural light is the preferable option, sometimes your only choice is to utilise artificial lighting. For optimal light, ensure the bulbs you use are the highest recommended wattage for your light fitting or consider using LED lights which are both bright and energy efficient. In terms of lighting options, try dimmers for excellent lighting control and strip lights for a stylish way to add light and accent a room.

Clever furnishing

When furnishing a darker room, you should give due thought to the furniture you introduce. Avoid bulky and dark pieces, especially in smaller rooms, instead opt for light-coloured, delicate furniture. Keeping your room free from clutter can also help obtain a lighter, airy feel by opening up the space.


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