Top Tips for Cleaning Your Blinds

As time goes on, your blinds will become increasingly more haggard looking as dirt and dust begins to ebb away at their lustre. Fortunately, just because your blinds are starting to look a little past their best, it doesn’t mean that they are. In this month’s article, we’ll be showing you the most effective ways to clean your blinds and restore their allure.


Non-Fabric Blinds

When it comes to cleaning non-fabric blinds such as wooden or aluminium blinds, there are a number of options open to you, and for the most part you don’t even need to take them down. The first of these involves taking one of the smaller attachments of your vacuum cleaner and gently bringing it along the slats to suck up any dust that might have accumulated there. You will need to use a low setting to avoid distorting the slats, but a vacuum alone may not prove to be enough.


Instead, it may be more suitable for you to take a dry cloth and bring it along individual slats. With your finger and thumb cushioned by cloth and cradling each slat, you can effectively and carefully dust your blinds. If there is dirt on the slats that you’re finding  hard to remove, consider wetting the cloth ever so slightly and rubbing the dirt gently until it comes away. Once done, you will need to ensure that the blinds are fully dried out to avoid attracting more dust or encouraging mildew to form.


For horizontal blinds, work systematically from left to right, but for vertical blinds you will need to start at the top and work your way down. This is to avoid dirtying the areas you have already cleaned with any run off. Once clean, regularly dust them down lightly with a feather duster or with a handheld vacuum cleaner to keep the blinds looking their best. Wooden blinds will have to be cleaned more often than other blinds as they collect more dust, and you’ll need to avoid the use of water on them as much as possible.

Roller blinds in kitchen

Fabric Blinds 

Fabric blinds are a little more demanding to clean properly. Vacuuming them gently every so often can help to keep dust at bay and therefore dirt, which is attracted by dust. In this way you can avoid blind discolouration, but sometimes the maintenance of our blinds can run away from us and a more intensive, demanding method will be called for.

First, take your blinds down off of the rail and remove any weights, wires or cords that may be attached. Then carefully vacuum them to remove the top layers of dust on the fabric. A bathtub full of warm, soapy water will be necessary for the next step. Place the blinds in the water and work them to remove any dirt and discolouration before allowing them to dry outside on the washing line.

If you can’t hang them up outside, you may hang vertical blinds back on the rail, but this isn’t an option for roller blinds. Regardless, you will need to ensure that they are completely dried out to avoid damp smells and moulds.

At some point, though, your blinds will become dated. Extensive cleaning of blinds can only serve to wear them out a little faster, so vigilantly maintaining your blinds is the best way to keep their lustre. But when your blinds have had their day, you’ll need someone you can rely on to deliver blinds of unparalleled quality – you’ll need Denton Blinds.

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