What are perfect fit blinds and how will the benefit me?

Perfect fit blinds are an increasingly popular option for window treatments and have a whole host of benefits, both in the installation process and in general use. If you’re uncertain how they work or are unconvinced by their potential benefits, this guide will clarify the process and have you itching to get your hands on some.

How do perfect fit blinds work?

Perfect fit blinds are an innovative system in which the blind is attached to the window, between the glass and the glazing beading, by a frame and some brackets. This requires a very precise measurement of the window in order to ensure that the blind fits your window securely. Because of the preciseness of their fitting, perfect fit blinds don’t allow gaps, so for an undisturbed night’s sleep, combine perfect fit blinds with a blackout material for complete darkness.

perfect fit blinds

Because the blind is attached to the window and not the window frame, it becomes an integral part of the window, moving when the window does. This makes it ideal for difficult windows, such as skylights, tilt and turn windows, conservatories or bay windows. Perfect fit blinds also allow for window and door handles to be exposed so you can operate your window without disturbing the blinds. Perfect fit blinds are completely child safe as no cords are needed for their operation. This also means that your window sill is left uncluttered, so the finished product looks neat and tidy.

Are perfect fit blinds suitable for all windows?

Perfect fit blinds are suitable for 95% of windows. As perfect fit blinds are made to fit the measurements of a UPVC window, which ranges from 18mm to 24mm, if you have a wooden frame that falls outside of these measurements, perfect fit blinds would be unsuitable for your window. Perfect fit blinds can also be unsuitable for sliding patio doors as the mechanism can be damaged when the doors are opened.

What are the style options?

Perfect fit installation is available for Venetian, roller and pleated blinds in a whole host of colours, designs and fabrics. The frames to secure the blinds come in the colour options of white, golden oak or mahogany, so easily match to the most popular widow profiles.

Venetian perfect fit blinds

What are the benefits?

  • Because the frames do not need to be drilled or screwed into the window frame, no damage is incurred to your property
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No specialist tools required
  • Clutter-free windows
  • No cords, so child safe
  • Sleek, neat finish
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Suitable for doors

Denton Blinds have 30 years of experience installing and supplying blinds and can provide you with easy and professional guidance to selecting and installing your blinds. If you’d like more information about perfect fit blinds or would like to arrange a consultation, you can contact us here.