Which Blinds Are Best For Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are used everyday in the majority of houses, so it’s important to take into account how wet your blinds will get and how this will affect their look and functionality. It’s difficult to know which waterproof blinds are best and how certain types of blinds will react to the moisture levels in your bathroom. Every room in the house deserves to have stylish blinds, so we’ve compiled a list of the best blinds for the bathroom that won’t be susceptible to the moist environment the bathroom creates on a daily basis.

PVC blinds fitted to a bathroom

PVC Blinds

No matter the effectiveness of the ventilation in your bathroom, your blinds will still be susceptible to high moisture levels, mould, and mildew. PVC blinds can combat these issues due to their waterproof and easy to clean characteristics.

PVC blinds are particularly useful when the bath or shower are situated next to the window, as water from them may be splashed directly onto them. Easily clean with antibacterial spray or simply wipe down with some mild soapy water. PVC blinds give the bathroom windows a clean and minimalistic look whilst providing privacy and light control – a versatile option for a room that needs optimum adaptability.

faux wood blinds

Faux Wooden Blinds

Unlike wooden blinds, faux wooden blinds can be used in moist environments, as they won’t warp or discolour when exposed to water. Constructed from PVC materials, faux wooden blinds are often resistant to the elements, such as temperature and sunlight, making them the perfect option for bathrooms. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option, faux wooden blinds don’t require trees to be chopped down for their production and are 100% recyclable.

Faux wooden blinds are also more affordable than real wooden blinds but look indistinguishable to the real thing, so you won’t be compromising on style, making the decision to add them to a bathroom an easy one!  

vertical blinds in a bathroom

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an ideal solution for any home with large windows in the bathroom. Easy to operate and available in a variety of colours and materials, vertical blinds give you optimum light control and privacy when bathing. A popular option for many homeowners, they are proven time and time again to be a viable option for almost any room.

Not only are they a blind which can be suitable with almost any decor, they are a great option for those on a budget, so you’re able to buy aesthetically pleasing and practical blinds for your bathroom.

bathroom with blinds fitted


It’s always difficult when deciding on the best blinds to suit your home, but when it comes to the bathroom, it’s important to take into account the increased humidity your blinds will be experiencing. An obvious no-go would be electric blinds, as they would probably break in the first few days of use. Roman blinds are also a poor choice, as the fabric makes it easier for mould and mildew to grow, as well as being difficult to clean.

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