red awning

What’s the Difference Between Awnings and Canopies?

The top question we get asked here at Denton Blinds is: “Wow Denton Blinds, how do you manage to create stunning, high-quality bespoke blinds in such a wide...

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Should I get an awning or a canopy?

Awnings and canopies can both be an excellent addition to your outdoor space, whether at home or for your business. The two different options have similar...

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awning maintenance

Top tips for patio awning maintenance

As a centrepiece of your garden it is vital that you keep your patio and all its features in prime condition to allow you to enjoy your garden and patio to...

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Five advantages of installing an awning

When considering an awning at your property, it is worth noting that this solution for your outdoors space can prove incredibly beneficial in many ways. An...

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