balcony with blinds and awning/canopy

The Benefits of Blinds and Canopies

Blinds and canopies make the perfect edition to your indoor and outdoor living space and enhances it in ways you may not have thought possible. This month,...

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made to measure electric blinds

The benefits of electric blinds

If you want to upgrade your window coverings so that they truly are top of the range, electric/motorised blinds are the option to go for. With so many fittings...

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home style 2016 metal blinds

Interior Design Trends: Decorating with Metallics

  Metallic is set to be huge factor of interior design in 2016, but many homeowners can be put off the edgy trend, fearing the decor will be too...

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Get the latest SMART gadgets for your blinds

Last updated on February 18th 2016     With modern homes containing more and more gadgets to make your life easier, smart features now even...

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