Interior Design Trends: Decorating with Metallics


Metallic is set to be huge factor of interior design in 2016, but many homeowners can be put off the edgy trend, fearing the decor will be too overwhelming. To help you introduce the trend, the team here at Denton Blinds have put together this guide on the different low-key ways you can incorporate metallics into your decor and bring your home on trend.

Choose the right tone

If bright golds and clinical silvers aren’t to your taste, that doesn’t mean you have to rule out this trend altogether. There are many tones you can opt for to soften the look and introduce metallic elements to your home in a subtle, classy way. Rose gold, copper or chrome tones offer a more toned-down metallic element to make your home eye-catching without being overwhelming.

metallic blinds

Break up the colour with patterns

Block pieces of metallic can look overpowering, so break up the look by choosing patterned pieces that incorporate metallic colours. Dark colours work well to break up the bright hues, so black, maroon, dark greens and navy blues will work well to downplay the metallic elements. A patterned roller blind would work perfectly for this decor style, offering a subtle glimpse of metallic in a perfectly patterned piece, and you can alter how much metallic you’d like to be on show by lowering and raising the blind.

Use key pieces

Start slow when introducing metallic elements, this way you can build up a good balance of metallic and normal hues, rather than injecting too much at once and creating an overpowering decor. Choose key pieces of furniture to test the waters, such as a wall hanging, cushions, throws, lamps, vases, picture frames, or even an aluminium Venetian blind, if you’re feeling a bit braver.

Use softer textures to balance it out

To soften the edges of your metallic infused room, introduce some plush textures to balance the decor out. Thick rugs and blankets will reintroduce some softness into the room, or a textured Venetian blind will add a delicate touch to level the playing fields and create a finely tuned and well thought-out decor.

roman blinds

Opt for a neutral colour scheme

When dealing with metallic decor, it is best to concentrate on this element as the focus of your home style to avoid the decor being overly fussy. Other bright colours and attention grabbing pieces won’t work well with metallic, and can clash to make your home look cheap and garish. To avoid this, stick to a neutral colour palate and clean lines for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Simple, white vertical blinds or perfect fit blinds will help keep the home neat and tidy, allowing the metallic elements to really make a statement.

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