What are the Best Blinds for a Small Room

Decorating a small room can be a difficult task as you want the room to look attractive, without imposing on the space. Choosing the right blind can instantly make the room look larger and more spacious by allowing maximum light to enter the room. This article will outline some key tips on choosing the right blind design for your small room.

Choose Light colours

When dealing with a confined space, light colours are the best option for ensuring that your room remains feeling spacious. By choosing a light-coloured blind you can ensure that even whilst the blind is fully closed, your room doesn’t feel dark or dull. If your room isn’t overlooked too much, you could even opt for a sheer fabric to allow more light to penetrate the room. Another tip is to match the colour of your blinds to the colour of your walls. This creates a streamlined and unbroken line that can work as an optical illusion to elongate the wall.
light roller blinds

Avoid curtains

Curtains create a large and bulky obtrusion into the room. Furthermore, they are often made of thick material that can cut all light from the room when drawn. Blinds offer a much more spatially aware solution for a small room.

Go streamlined

Choose a blind that isn’t bulky or imposing. Aim for something that causes minimal clutter, like a roller blind or a Roman blind. This design of blind allows the blind to be fully retracted upon itself so allows full light exposure, and keeps your windowsill looking neat and tidy.
roman blinds for a small room

Opt for wider slats

If you are choosing something with slats, such as wooden Venetian blind, opt for wider slats of about 50mm. This will ensure that more light can enter the room when the blind is down as the bigger the slats, the less that are needed to cover the window measurements. This is also beneficial when the slats are raised as the stack height will be smaller and less window will be cut off.

Try a perfect fit

To really make the most out of your window treatment, opt for a perfect fit window treatment. Having a blind that clips into the window fitting without the need for a bracket or cords means that your windowsills are completely clutter free, maximising the space and giving a neat appearance that really benefits a smaller room.

Denton Blinds have a range of roller blinds and Roman blinds in an array of colours and fabrics to match your small room. Our perfect fit service will really minimize the clutter in your window whilst maximising style. For more information on our services or to book a home visit, you can contact us here.