Preventing prying eyes: the best blinds for privacy

Big, beautiful windows that let in a lot of daylight are a desirable feature in any home. However, when they face a busy street, a neighbour, or when it comes to night time, you will still want to be able to achieve privacy within your home. This is where blinds can help. Blinds provide the perfect solution for privacy and light control which cannot be matched by traditional curtains or old-fashioned net curtains.

Here are some of the best blind options for creating privacy in your home.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a fantastic option for achieving privacy. The rotating slat design allows you to adjust your blinds to let in daylight but also block a direct line of sight into your home. This means that you can obtain privacy during the day, without blocking out light and having to excessively use artificial lights.

There are several different material choices available for Venetians, meaning that there is sure to be something to suit any room of the house. All material options – including wood, metal and uPVC – are efficient at blocking light, meaning that at night with the blinds fully closed, no one will be able to see into your home.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have similar privacy enhancing properties to Venetian blinds due to their slat design. The vertically hanging slats can admit good amounts of natural light whilst also preventing a clear line of sight into your property. Vertical blinds can work particularly well for large, long windows, sliding doors and in conservatories. However, the materials used aren’t usually entirely opaque, meaning at night some light can still escape.

Roller blinds

For total privacy, roller blinds in a blackout fabric are a good choice. The blackout quality will ensure that minimal light infiltration occurs and that no one will be able to see through your window coverings into your home on dark evenings. What’s more, roller blinds can be used in any room of the house and are available in a huge range of designs, colours and patterns, so there is great scope for personalisation.

Roman blinds

A softer and more luxurious option of blind, Romans are also a good option for maintaining privacy. Depending on your personal preference, Romans can enhance privacy in different ways. Firstly, you could choose to go for a fully lined, rich fabric Roman blind which will serve to completely block the view into your home. Alternatively, Roman blinds can be styled in layers. This option usually comprises of a thin, airy fabric which can be lowered during the day to prevent a clear view into your home, but still allow in daylight. On top of this will be another, thicker layer which can be lowered when you want to create complete privacy.


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