Which Blinds are Best for Bay Windows?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes but bay windows may be the most unique. Bay windows protrude outwards, providing not only extra space within the room but also an aesthetic central feature that sets your room apart from the rest. The blinds you use to dress bay windows should complement the window’s look, as well as offer premium light and privacy control for full dictation over the feel of the room. This article is going to take each of these goals into account and assess which blinds are best for bay windows.


Denton Blinds - Bay Window Blinds



No matter the style, fabric or design you end up choosing for your bay window, the one absolute must is that you have them made to measure. Made-to-measure blinds do exactly as they say on the tin: they are measured by a team of experts and then created to the exact specifications of your window recess. The blinds offer an unrivalled level of beauty due to sitting inside the recess instead of outside. As noted before, the unique dimensions of bay windows make them an aesthetic feature of the room. Made-to-measure blinds allow the shape of the bay window to remain in sight while the glass panels themselves are covered. This accentuates your bay windows and brings a great amount of attention to them.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds are often commended for their ease of use. This, coupled with their timeless, minimalist design make them a great choice to dress any window. Bay windows typically offer a great view of the outdoors. Choosing a blind that is easy to operate will help you swiftly change between guaranteed privacy and a fantastic view.


Vertical blinds

For even greater control over light, privacy and view, vertical blinds are a complete package. The vertical slats can be manoeuvred with a simple touch, allowing you instant access to the view outside. They can then be tilted to offer either privacy or light with an effortless twist of a wand. Another great benefit of vertical blinds is that they are perfectly suited to large windows, meaning the entirety of your bay windows can be stylishly covered.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds are often touted as the most attractive window blind due to the gorgeous thick fabric it uses. The blind extends down to unveil a stunning colour or design of your choosing, before folding back up neatly into an elegant envelope of fabric. This envelope sits neatly on top of your window, meaning Roman blinds will accentuate your bay windows whether up or down.


Pleated blinds

Aside from the highly aesthetic design and ease of use, pleated blinds (especially the honeycomb variety) offer a unique function: insulation. Large bay windows can often cool warmed air, leaving the room colder than desired. With pleated blinds, warm air gets trapped in the slats, preventing it from touching the window and thereby preventing it from cooling. The function works similarly for cold air trying to reach the room from the outside; it traps the air and acts as a barrier, leaving your room toasty and warm.


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