How to Stop My Dog from Destroying Window Blinds

Dog near laptop and window blinds

Have you ever come home after a long day to find your beloved dog has utterly destroyed your brand new blinds? This can be one of the most frustrating parts of being a dog owner, and so Denton Blinds have put together some solutions to help your relationship with your pooch become less strained. 

Why do dogs attack window blinds?


  • Separation anxiety:

When dogs are left alone in the house they can become quite anxious and feel the need to relieve their stress. Chewing is a calming action for dogs and sometimes they target your blinds for this activity. 


  • Seeing outside:

Dogs usually have a territorial nature and want to see outside when they hear people or other animals passing by, so they can protect the home. This means they will do anything to move your blinds out of the way to get a clear view.


  • Need to chew something:

Every dog has a chewing instinct and needs an outlet and if they don’t have interesting toys and tasty bones to chew on, they will find other options, such as your blinds. 


Different types of damage:

  • Breaking slats:

Blind slats can become bent or snapped by a dog jumping on them/sticking their head through the gaps to see outside. 


  • Chewing

Possibly the most common damage is when a dog chews the blinds, wooden slats are the most appealing to them but they’re also very likely to chew on aluminium slats too – they’re just not fussy. 


  • Damaging cords:

Having blinds with cords when you own a dog is just asking for trouble. Dogs find it hard to resist the swinging temptation of a cord – they often grab hold of the cord and tear them down – which then becomes a very serious choking hazard to your pet. 


How to keep dogs from chewing on window blinds? 

dog sat near window blinds
  • Keep blinds raised halfway:

If you choose roller or Venetian blinds to replace the broken ones, then they can be easily raised halfway up the window. This means your dog can see out without damaging anything. 


  • No chew spray:

Products such as pet deterrent spray can help to stop dogs chewing on your blinds, just a spritz on the slats and your dog will dislike the smell and taste of them. 


  • The 10 minute rule:

A common method for reducing your dog’s anxiety when you arrive at the house is to not acknowledge them for ten minutes. This means your arrival will not be a big deal for them and they will feel much calmer. 


  • Vertical blinds:

To stop your dog destroying the blinds in an effort to just look out the window, why not try vertical blinds? With these blinds, your best pal will be able to nose them out of the way and they will fall back into place when they walk away.

  • Cordless:

A simple fix to stop the common issue of dogs grabbing hold of cords is to invest in cordless blinds.


  • Complete coverage:

Dogs usually are attracted to dangling cords and blinds hanging down within reach, getting a set of blinds that fit perfectly over the entire window – this will make them much less tempting to play with. 


  • Treat-dispensing toys or puzzles:

A great way of stopping your dog from ripping blinds apart is to entertain them, this reduces stress levels and keeps them busy. Puzzle toys and hide-the-treat toys will keep them happy for hours.


If you need to invest in some new blinds to suit your lifestyle as a dog owner, such as vertical or cordless, then Denton Blinds can help. With over 30 years’ of experience in the blind industry, we can supply and install high quality blinds to both domestic and commercial customers across Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!