Blinds for Children’s Rooms

children's room

Choosing the perfect blinds can be a great way to shoot some life into your child’s room. By playing with different themes you can create a fun environment your child longs to be in, and tailored blinds ensure any special requirements your kids require are easily met.

Here at Denton Blinds, we understand that nothing but the best is good enough for your child, and to that end we’ve collated all the things we believe you need to consider below.


Some consider Roman and roller blinds the best fit for a child’s room because of the ease with which they can be decorated. Roller blinds can be more standard-looking than Roman blinds, which with their pleated sections look more layered and stylish, but both offer opportunities to give a room an injection of colour and patterning that can turn a room from dull to exciting in a heartbeat.


Getting your child involved with how their room is decorated can help to create a warm and safe environment your child loves from the offset. Decals and stickers offer a cheap alternative to transforming your blinds around whatever your child loves most; be it images and characters from their favourite film, cartoon, or pop idol, your kid’s room can be personalised in an instant by attaching decals to your blinds. Easy-to-remove decals even allow you to change the decorations if your child’s tastes change or if you want to repurpose their room without damaging the blinds.

In the same vein, sprucing up the room with energetic colours can encourage development in young children. Ask your kids what colour they’d like for the room and if they’re being impractical, try to come to a crossroads that still takes onboard their input, making the room their own.


Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are ideal for children’s rooms where a regular sleeping pattern is necessary but difficult to regulate. No matter what time of day or year it is, blackout blinds enable you to transform your child’s room from a playful, vibrant atmosphere to a peaceful and calming one.

These are particularly suited for nurseries, where napping in the daytime is a part of your child’s daily routine and can be hard to enforce if the sunshine is still streaming into the room. Nevertheless, they still work wonders for children of all ages with bedtimes to adhere to, ensuring that even on those hot summer nights when the sun is shining as late as ten at night, your child can rest soundly in the dark.

Denton Blinds offer a range of blackout blinds to suit your needs and bring life to your child’s bedroom or nursery. For more on blackout blinds, feel free to browse our range online.

Safety First

When choosing blinds for your child’s room, safety should always remain at the top of your list of considerations. Hanging cords have the potential to become a serious threat to your child’s safety, as were your child to grab hold of the cord and dangle from it, they could become tangled in the blind or, worse yet, suffocate due to strangulation.

Recent European legislation introduced in 2014 states that blinds that are installed in a location where there are likely to be children present, such as a school or restaurant, and in all homes regardless of whether a child lives at the premises at the time of order, be fitted with safe by design features and clear warnings on the dangers of asphyxiation.

For those people with blinds installed before 2014, you should take care to avoid stacking the furniture close to the window as a child could climb up to grab the cords. You should also always tuck the cords out of reach of young children to curtail any desire and opportunity to swing from the cord.

Options for new blinds, however, include using remote-controlled blinds to eliminate the need for cords. Roof blinds are also cordless and are opened and closed by manually sliding the blind along a fixture. Nevertheless, all blinds are now fitted with safety features such as cleats to fasten the cord securely to the wall or chain tensioning devices, breakaway cord connectors or breakaway clips that detach from the blind under pressure, ensuring you can rest assured of your children’s safety.


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