Best blinds for keeping you cool this summer

aluminium-venetian-blindsEasy ways to keep your home cool when the warm weather rolls around are always welcome as you try to stay comfortable. Whilst some may be lucky enough to have air conditioning to keep cool, this can be costly to run constantly and many people will need to find other ways to try and keep down the indoor temperature.

An easy and effective way to keep your home cooler throughout summer is with clever use and choice of blinds. With glass having the ability to create a greenhouse effect, blinds are a good way to keep your windows from admitting unwanted heat. Let’s take a look at some of the types of blind which are most effective at keeping the heat at bay.

Aluminium Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a great choice for controlling the admittance of light into your home. By angling the rotatable slats, hot, direct sunlight into your home can be blocked, without shutting out natural daylight completely. What’s more, if you want to keep a window open to let in cooler, fresh air whilst keeping your blinds down to block out heat, Venetian blinds are the perfect, unobstructive solution.

“Venetian blinds are the perfect, unobstructive solution.”

Venetians can come in several materials but for keeping cool, aluminium is probably your best choice. The metallic surface will reflect a significant amount of the sun’s rays, and their heat, away from your room. For particularly sunny spots, it is best to avoid real wood as this can warp in high temperatures.

Pleated blindspleated-blinds

Pleated blinds are another popular choice for keeping a warm room cooler and can often be found in sunny rooms such as the conservatory. When ordered in perfect fit form, pleated blinds are ideal for windows which are typically seen as difficult to accommodate, such as conservatory windows, skylights and in doors. By simply having a well-fitting, high quality window covering on such glasswork, you can better control the light and heat entering your home. You can also choose a fabric which has a reflective back to prevent heat absorption.

“Pleated blinds are ideal for windows which are typically seen as difficult to accommodate”

If you are looking for an even more effective way to insulate your home and prevent heat gain, honeycomb blinds – a layered version of pleated blinds with air pockets between the pleats – are an excellent choice.


Electric blinds

“Electric blinds offer an innovative way to reduce heat gain”electric blinds

Electric blinds offer an innovative way to reduce heat gain. In style, they can be anything from roller to pleated blinds and, although a reflective back to your blinds will help, it is the clever control that electric blinds offer which can help you keep cool. By choosing electric blinds which have a timer function, you can set them to shut – thus reducing the amount of hot sunlight entering your property – during the hottest, sunniest parts of the day. This means you can control the admittance of sun and heat even when you are out of the house – such as on working days – keeping your home cool for when you return in the evening.


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