How to fit a roller blind

When fitting a roller blind at your property, there are various things to take into consideration to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to fit your roller blind with ease:

Choose your blind

Firstly, it is important to select a blind that will work well for your requirements in terms of functionality and practicality, as well as blending seamlessly into the look of your home. There are a wide variety of roller blinds on the market in an assortment of different colours, materials and overall styles, so you can be sure to find something to suit you.


Mark a line

In terms of fitting your chosen blind, mark a line in the relevant spot on your window. Do this by holding the blind up with someone standing back to check it is in the right position. When the line is marked – ideally around 4 or 5 centimeters above the window – use the spirit level to make sure it is level, as this is hard to tell for certain by using your eyes alone.

Use the end brackets in order to make markings for where the holes shall be screwed. Get somebody to do this for you whilst you hold the blind in the relevant spot, making sure the marks are at equal distances from the centre of the window.

Put the brackets in place

Install your brackets, taking care to check that they are on the correct side. Next, drill holes where you plan to insert the bracket screws, before securing the brackets using screws in the screw holes. For non-wooden surfaces, it is also important to install a wall plug rather than drilling directly into the surface.

Adjust your blind accordingly

When the blind is secured in place, make adjustments as and where they are required. Often no adjustments will need to be made, but if they are necessary, simply cut the roller and blind to fit by first marking them with a cut saw and then using scissors to cut the material.

Enjoy your new blind

Your roller blind should now be securely fixed in place, so test it out a few times and, if it functions correctly, you can benefit from its smart look in your property and the practical aspects it has to offer your room.


Here at Denton Blinds, we are proud to provide a number of roller blinds to our customers at excellent prices. Whatever the colour, style or size of roller blind you are looking for, we are confident we have the right solution for you, so get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today and let us provide you and your home with the blinds you need.