How to Fix Common Problems with Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in kitchenRoller blinds are one of the world’s most popular blinds styles thanks to their simplistic, elegant design and ease of operation. Despite their simplicity, however, roller blinds are sometimes susceptible to certain problems. Luckily, roller blinds are as easy to fix as they are easy to operate. Today, we’re going to provide you with a DIY troubleshooting guide to wind the life back into your roller blinds.

How do roller blinds work?

Roller blinds consist simply of fabric, a hollow tube, a ratchet and a spring. The fabric is wrapped around the tube and extends down to cover your window as the tube is rotated (for a slightly cruder yet accurate image — think toilet paper and holder). The ratchet holds the window blind in place for times when you only want it part-way down your window. The spring provides the correct amount of tension to the blind to facilitate a smooth operation.

“My blinds roll down but are difficult to roll back up”

If your blinds do move down when required but struggle to roll back up, this would suggest there is too much tension within the operating mechanism. The blinds retract back up after applying manual tension to the cord, however, if the blind is already far too tense then this operation won’t have much effect, if any.

To rectify this issue, remove the blind from the bracket. You will notice a pin on the side of your blind that can be turned (you may need pliers or a similar tool to do this). Turn the pin until it no longer moves; this will adjust the tension of your blind. Place the blind back on the bracket and it should be operating as normal.

“My blinds roll up and down but don’t stay in place”

The ratchet is responsible for ensuring the blinds stay in place. If your blinds aren’t cooperating, it’s likely down to an issue with the ratchet. Take the blind off the bracket and roll the fabric all the way up. When the ratchet is exposed, use a toothpick to remove any build up of dust, fluff or dirt that may be causing the ratchet to malfunction. A lubricant can then be applied to the ratchet to ensure that it operates smoothly.

“My blinds are rolling up and down too slowly”

This is likely due to a small jam with the fabric and tube itself. All that needs to be done here is for the blind to be lowered all the way down, removed and then manually rolled up to the halfway point using your hands on the tube. This should allow your blinds to function as normal.

“My blinds are rolling up and down too quickly”

This probably means your fabric is too loose from the tube. Opposite to the previous fix, simply raise your blinds all the way up, remove your blind from the bracket and manually roll it down using your hands to the halfway point. Again, this should reset your blinds and they should then continue to function as normal.

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