How to Fix Common Problems with Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic choice of window covering which add style and practicality to any room. Fantastic for light control and enhancing privacy but without compromising on aesthetics, it’s easy to see why these are a perpetually popular choice of blinds. However, over time, it is inevitable that your blinds will be subject to some wear and tear and may stop functioning as they should. To help you keep your blinds functioning smoothly, we’ve put together some common problems with Venetians and how to fix them yourself.

Problem: I have a broken slat

Broken venetian blindIf, for whatever reason, a slat or two in your blinds break or become warped, you need not fret as this can be resolved quite simply without needing a whole replacement blind. Get in touch with your blind supplier for replacement slats and then:

  • Remove your blinds from the window, lying them on a flat surface
  • Remove the cord caps on the underside of the bottom slat, exposing the ends of the cords
  • Unthread the lift cords – these run through the holes in your slats – up to the broken slat(s)
  • Slide out the broken slat(s), put in the new one(s), rethread the cord, replace the cord caps and hang up your repaired blinds

Problem: My slats hang crookedly

If you notice one side of your Venetian blinds has gotten lower than the other, this is a sign something has become worn or broken. Finding out what has gone wrong can take some troubleshooting, but you can always contact a blinds professional if you aren’t confident carrying out a fix yourself.

  • Firstly, you should remove your blind from the window
  • Lie it on a flat surface and inspect the inside of the head rail
  • Check that your string ladders aren’t worn, frayed or have become disconnected from the drums
  • Also check that the drum is properly set into the cradle it sits in
  • If something has become loose, simply reattach it
  • If the string ladder or drum have become broken, these will need to be replaced

Problem: My blinds are stuck and won’t open or close

If the lift cord of your blinds becomes frayed or breaks, this can look worn and may even leave you unable to open or close your blinds, leaving them stuck in one position. In this case, you need to get new lift cord and restring your blinds.

  • Remove your blind from the window and lie it on a flat surface
  • Take off the cord caps on the underside of the bottom slat
  • Using a lighter, fuse together the end of your old cord with the start of your new replacement cord
  • Pull the lift cords until your new string has been threaded through the entire system, replacing the old cord
  • Cut off the old cord at the fused section, tying knots in the ends, and reattach the cord caps

Problem: My blinds won’t stay open

If your Venetian blinds won’t stay in position, this can be due to issues with the cord lock mechanism.

  • First, take the blind from the window and lie it down on a flat surface so you can look into the head rail
  • Check to see if the cord lock is jammed – if so, just push a flathead screwdriver into the lock to free it
  • Alternatively, the issue could lie with the cord being frayed or pinched. If this looks like the case, follow the steps in the previous section
  • The last possibility is that the cord lock has broken and this will need to be replaced

Problem: The blind slats will not tilt

If you can’t tilt the slats of your blind, this could be because of one of two issues:

  • The cords are tangled or the tilter mechanism is broken: Check inside the head rail of your blinds first – if the cords are caught up in here it will be clear and all you need is to untangle them.


  • If this is not the case, you may require a new tilter mechanism. Once you have purchased the right mechanism for your blinds, you will just need to replace your current one. Slide the rod in your head rail clear of the old device, remove the tilter mechanism, replace it with the new one, slide the rod back through and put your blind back up.

If you’re having problems with other types of blinds check out this post for more tips, tricks and fixes for all types of blinds and window furnishings.

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